Hot Summer Eats: Trucks, Burgers & Ice Cream

Ten Best Food Trucks in Our Area

There is something special about eating delicious food alfresco in a chance encounter with an awesome food truck. This article from Westword ranks the ten best trucks in the area to help make your next food truck dining experience stellar.  Whether it is authentic Puerto Rican sandwiches using plantains instead of sandwich bread or braised bison on Indian fry bread, this list covers a lot of delicious options for trucks both in Boulder and Denver. 

Best Burgers in Our Area 

Westword’s top ten burger list this year features some time-tested favorites like the Cherry Cricket and Park Burger but also sports some new additions.  Indulge one of these summer evenings with a pint and burger!

Looking for a burger sans the meat but still super tasty?  Look no further than Westword’s recent article on the ten best spots for a killer vegan burger.  The restaurants listed range in location from Westminster to the Highlands to downtown Denver. 

Best Ice Cream in Our Area

Summer is not complete without a quintessential ice-cream outing with the whole family and or friends.  This list of the region’s ten best will not disappoint and includes some interesting locals like Milkroll, which serves up Thai-style rolled ice cream sundaes and Rocket Ice Cream at Lowry Air Force Base.  Sweet Cow is of course on the list!  We also would like to add the Heifer and the Hen in Boulder as an honorable mention!

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