Boulder County Market Statistics for January 2017

A comparison of stats for Jan 2017 vs. Jan 2016 reveals slightly more inventory, higher sales price, and slightly longer 'days on market' for active single family homes.  Rollouts of new construction for townhome/condos impacted January statistics by increasing inventory significantly, average sales price is higher, and 'days on market' are longer for active properties.  Interestingly, 'months supply of inventory' for townhome/condo did not increase as a result of the inventory increase suggesting that new construction is keeping pace with demand.  

'Year-to-date' statistics provide a better picture of regional trends over a longer period. However, given that this is the first month of the year, YTD statistics in this report only encompass 31 days of data.  Refer to last month's report (Dec 2016) for the best look at YTD stats comparing 2015 to 2016.  

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